Social Program

Social activities are planned for you with the idea ’Let’s enjoy of Finnish nature and traditions’. We are pleased to offer you a relaxing and refreshing stay in addition to the high quality lectures.

In Haikko Manor we have a great opportunity to enjoy the privilege of clean and green Finnish nature. The 14 hectares Manor Park invites you to exercise in the spirit of Paavo Nurmi. There are guided good morning activities before breakfast.

Wednesday August 24

11:00 Registration opens

14:00 Opening words

19:00 Welcome Dinner



Thursday August 25

07:00 Good morning activities

11:45 Lunch cruise in the archipelago

18:15 Visit to Old Town of Porvoo including walking tour and Reception by the City of Porvoo

21:30 Finnish evening

Friday August 26

07:00 Good morning activities

12:00 Closing words




During the Crimean War in 1854, an optical telegraph line was built between Hanko and St. Petersburg. One of the stations was located in Haikko on Lennätinvuori, Telegraph Mountain. The telegraph line was only in use for two summers, as it was superseded by an electronic telegraph. The Telegraph Mountain Nature Reserve was established in 1961, and a small observation tower was built on the rock in the 1990s. Today, Telegraph Mountain is a popular vantage point. Visitors have carved names and a few pictures on the open cliffs. A demanding path with stairs leads to the high viewpoint.